Best Baby Monitors Under $100 in 2021- Buying Guide

Are you working from home mother who is trying to balance a job with a baby? Or are you perhaps a housewife immersed in the numerous day-to-day chores of the house proving to be more complicated than they already are with a wandering, crawling toddler? Well, do you believe in miracles? You might as well do because baby monitors are nothing short of benefits for you!

The single solution to a ton of your motherhood problems, baby monitors, are the answers to every mother’s plea. Imagine how it would feel to have all your house chores done, your job goals accomplished, to have your skin glisten with that DIY facial, and to have all of that with a healthy, growing baby. Now, you might think that is quite a far-fetched imagination, but you won’t quite believe in it unless you try, and we guarantee you won’t be able to stop listing its benefits to every expecting mother.

You have most likely done a bit of research on baby monitors yourself and are probably overwhelmed by the number of options. Because the vast number of alternatives usually make it challenging to create the perfect choice.

In case if you are in hurry and want to only read about the best option from our team, here is a quick recommendation from us.

Quick Recommendation

Editor’s Choice

HB65 Hellobaby Baby Monitor

Smart Features

  • Infrared Night Vision
  • 3.2” LCD Screen
  • Remote Pan tilt & Zoom
  • Motion Detection
  • Easy to install
  • Tech Support
  • Room temperature Monitor
  • Sound level LED 

You are probably discouraged by the out of budget price ranges on most baby monitors in the market. But what if we tell you that to make the process more convenient for you, we have included a list of the seven ideal baby monitors that are perfect for newborns and crawling toddlers alike, and have received raving reviews from mothers all over the globe, and guess what, all of those under $100 bucks too! Because when quality comes within a reasonable price range, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Baby Monitors Under $100

  • Range: 960 ft
  • Display: 3.2 Inch 720p
  • Battery: 4-5 Hours with Display
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  • Range: 960 ft
  • Display: 2.4 Inch
  • Battery: 950mAh: lasts 8 hours
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  • Range: 360-degree Rotates
  • Display: 1080P HD
  • Battery: Corded Electric
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  • Range: 500 ft
  • Display: 1080p HD Works with alexa
  • Battery: Corded Electric
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  • Range: 1000 feet
  • Display: 2.8” Screen HD
  • Battery: 5-6 Hours
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  • Range: 850’ Wireless Range
  • Display: 2 Inch Color Screen
  • Battery: 24 Hours
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  • Range: 9000 ft
  • Display: 2.8″ TFT-LCD
  • Battery: 12 Hours
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So, without any further ado, let’s move on to some of the affordable baby monitors under $100.

1. HB65 Hellobaby Baby Monitor

Smart Features

  • Infrared Night Vision
  • 3.2” LCD Screen
  • Remote Pan tilt & Zoom
  • Motion Detection
  • Easy to install
  • Tech Support
  • Room temperature Monitor
  • Sound level LED

Are you uneasy because you can’t look after your baby all the time? Are you always too anxious to know whether he is up or is crawling down the bed or if he needs food? And is your mind still full of his or her thoughts? Well, you don’t need to worry about it anymore with our top-rated baby monitor, which successfully lets you can keep an eye on your baby at all times!

The Hello baby manufactured baby monitor comes with a 3.2 LCD, which allows you to view almost three-quarters of the room on the screen, easily letting you know your baby’s next move. It also allows you to tilt the camera placed in your baby’s room at a preferable angle via a remote. If the vision is still unclear to you, click on the magnifying glass option and enjoy the zoom-in opportunity, accessible only by a tap of your finger and have a closer look in every corner of the particular room.

With the Hello baby monitor, you won’t be confused any more between different sounds like your baby’s crying or irrelevant noises that your monitor seems to pick up. The new baby monitor allows you to listen to every sound produced in the baby’s nursery without any distortion. The crystal-clear sound makes you feel as if you are present in the same room.

Moreover, the camera setup is hassle-free, which makes life easier for you considering that handling a baby is not that easy of a task. The product does not require any wiring, and you can keep the LCD with you anywhere you want to. Just plug in the camera and play. The product comes with rechargeable batteries too. Adding to it, to make them work better for you, it has several modes: room temperature monitor and alert, lullaby playing, night vision camera, and sound level LED indicator.

However, the monitor does freeze every so often, but that is not a big issue, as you can make it work by merely resetting the monitor through the key located behind it and then reconnect the LED with the camera. It’ll work for sure. So, if you are looking to buy the perfect baby monitor, that too under $100, the Hello baby monitor is the best option to consider.


  • 360 Rotation
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with accessorial features


  • Monitor freezes occasionally.

2. ANMEATE SM24 Baby Monitor

Always close to your baby

  • 960ft Transmission Range
  • 2-Way Talk
  • Night Vision
  • High Capacity Battery
  • High-Quality Colors
  • Pan & Tilt
  • Multi-Camera Expandability
  • 2X Zoom

To help mama bears have a much-deserved peaceful sleep and manage their office or household tasks without any stress or tension about their baby’s activities, the Anmeate video baby monitor is the ideal choice to go for.

The Anmeate manufactured baby monitor comes with a high-resolution color display that allows you to keep an eye on your baby’s every step and see what he is up to. The colored collection gives a better visual of what is going on in the room too. The 2.4-inch large screen can cover clear live streaming of your baby’s room and also has a feature of zooming in that allows you to zoom up to 2x magnification and look closely at your baby’s activity. 

The high definition of Anmeate video baby monitor includes various features. The baby room’s camera has eight infrared lights that help to have a stark, clear vision of the baby’s activities at night. If your baby is having difficulty falling asleep, this baby monitor also plays four different types of lullabies that lull him to sleep almost immediately. It also has a temperature monitor, which helps you keep an eye on the room temperature if it fluctuates too low or too high so that the baby can have a healthy sleep.

Moreover, the Anmeate baby monitor also comes with two ways of talking options through the mic. If your baby is up to something wrong and you need to stop and reprimand him immediately, a single tap on the mic option located on the baby monitor can deliver the message to your baby. The product can cover a range of 960 feet, which means you can talk to your babies and supervise them from a considerable distance, which proves beneficial if the nursery and your room have a significant distance between them.

Adding to it, the product’s battery is extremely reliable, and the process of installing the camera and monitor is hassle-free. All you need to do is fit in the camera and connect the monitor to make the product work. The 950mAh battery lasts for nearly 8 hours on eco mode, increasing its life expectancy and making it an ideal product to buy for under $100!


  • 960ft Range
  • Talkback Feature


  • The monitor’s screen might be a little small for viewers

3. ANMEATE SM24 Baby Monitor

Moves With Your Curiosity

  • 360 ° Motion Tracking
  • 1080p HD
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Works with Alexa
  • Easy Setup
  • Great Battery Timing

The Nooie baby monitor is specially manufactured to help busy mothers who rely on their multitasking skills to balance their time among hobbies and responsibilities.

The Nooie based baby monitor helps you have a crystal-clear vision of the room with a wide-angle of 360 degrees. It also includes a 101 degrees field of view, tilts 355 degrees horizontally and 94 degrees vertically, ideal for keeping an eye all around the room. Regardless of whether your baby is present at any corner of the room, you can look after him by tilting the camera to a preferable number of degrees.

The device is equipped with a 1080P HD resolution that allows you to have superior night vision. It also includes an optional status light, which you may want to switch on if you still can’t see your baby’s movement correctly in the dark. The 1080P HD camera lens with 94nm infrared LEDs helps you have vivid and clear night vision, even in pitch-black darkness.

Moreover, the product is easy to manage too. You can fit the camera in your baby’s room, and by connecting your mobile app with the camera, you can have clear visuals of the camera on your mobile phone, making the setup essential and easy to use. The device is also compatible with a 2.4GHZ WIFI network. Since the device is mobile operated, it also works with Alexa, so if your hands are occupied, and you cannot touch the phone, tell Alexa, and she’ll do it for you. 

Additionally, the device includes a two-way talking feature too. You can open your mic and transmit your message to the baby’s room and talk to them with a built-in anti-noise mic and speaker. The device also ensures your privacy and security by keeping your data private, making it more worthy of using and smart purchase, too, considering it is relatively cheap and has a price range below $100!


  • Also gives motion and sound detection.
  • SD cards can be installed for the storage of recording
  • Works with Alexa


  • Your mobile device might be small to look at

4.Victure SC210-B Baby Monitor

Peace of Mind

  • 1080p Display
  • Motion Tracking
  •  2-Way Audio
  • Indoor IP Surveillance
  • Night Vision
  • Flexible Storage

The Victure baby monitor is yet another type of baby monitor manufactured to act as a helping hand for most super moms balancing work-life while raising a baby.

The baby monitor includes a built in 850nm IR LED that helps the user have a crystal-clear vision at night times to a range of 30 feet. The product has 1920*1080P high-quality video resolution, the visuals of the baby room areas clear at night as they are in the daylight. The camera automatically shifts to a night mode via the light to make it easy to use.

The device also comes with two modes of talkback feature. If you want to talk to your baby or your loved ones present in another room, you can either use the intercom or hand-free mode. You can open your mic and deliver your message with an anti-noise technology in both ways. While using the hand-free method, you can easily talk in any room, just like you do on a phone call.

The product also features detection and a smart movement tracker. As a result of your baby crying or any movement in the baby’s room, the app will immediately send a notification onto your phone to make you alert. This helps to attract your attention from any other work to your baby, making the task of looking after them more accessible.

The device also supports two different types of storage options. You can either have cloud storage or save the data in suitable SD cards. This feature allows you to keep an unlimited amount of data without any fear of losing anything important. The saved videos will only be accessed from your account on the app making it more secure to use. This is why it is nothing short of a smart purchase, that too on a low budget.


  • Has two modes of talkback feature.
  •  Has multiple storage options, which allows full security too.
  • Detects any movement or crying of your baby


  • Might spam your phone by sending notifications of every small unnecessary motion taking place in the room.

5. VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor

Keep her cozy

  • 1000ft Long Range
  •  2-Way Audio Talk
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 2.8” Screen
  • Night Vision
  • 2x Digital Zoom

The VTECH VM3252 comes with multiple features to help all the overworked moms out there, who are a little too occupied either in household chores or office work and get minimum time to look after their babies.

The device is easy to set up. Once you have bought the camera and the monitor, you can either mount the camera up on a wall or make it rest at any suitable place convenient for you. The 2.8-inch-wide LCD provides a relatively clear view after it has been connected with your camera.

The VTECH baby monitor also gives you an option to talk to your baby anytime by merely using the mic option, letting you soothe your baby, or convey any message while managing your work. And because the device supports a range of 100 feet, you can even walk up to the nearest mart or your office without worrying about your baby’s time to time update. 

Moreover, the device also ensures that you get a clear visual display of your baby’s room, especially at night. The product itself converts into infrared night vision and keeps a constant check on your baby’s next move. It alerts you every single time when your baby is up or is crying or if the room temperature has fluctuated by a considerable amount. Plus, it also comes with the features of calming sounds and lullabies. If you had a hectic day already and are trying to get a peaceful sleep, and your baby starts crying, you do not need to get up and walk to his room to put him back to sleep. Instead, you can play up to 5 different types of soothing lullabies and four ambient sounds that lull your baby to a comfortable sleep again. 

Adding to it, the product has two more great qualities. One of them is the sound activation mode, and the other is the built-in temperature sensor. You can keep the monitor off to save its battery usage, and it will automatically be turned on when a sound or noise will be detected. Whereas the temperature sensor will let you know when the room temperature is unhealthy and if you need to adjust the thermostat accordingly. All of these features make it a great purchase, especially when it is right in your budget!


  • Hassle-free setup
  • It has several features to comfort your baby.


  • The 2.8 screen might be small for viewers. 

6. Serenelife SLBCAM20 Baby Monitor


  • 850 ft
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • 2” Color Screen
  • 2 Way Talkback
  • 19.5 hours of battery life
  • Musical Melodies & Lullabies 
  • 360° Degree Rotation
  • Hasslefree Operation

The Serene Life baby monitor keeps a right eye on your baby’s action from a range of 850 feet, which allows you to keep an eye on your baby within the house and even from outside areas that fall in the 850ft range.

The device comes with sleep screen mode, which puts the device on sleep until any sound or noise detection is made. The screen won’t light up, and the device will only alert you when there is any distortion in the baby’s room, allowing you to have a good comfortable sleep. It also permits you to set alarms and wake you up after short naps to check your baby’s well-being. 

The built-in temperature sensor sends you constant alert notifications when the room temperature is not suitable for the baby, both in summer and winter times, so that you set it accordingly to let your baby get a good healthy sleep.

Serene life baby monitor automatically shifts to the night mode when the optics sense low light and still manages to give a clear and vivid visual display of the baby’s room. Adding to it, the product also has an intercom talk option, which allows you to listen and talk to your baby while doing your work. You can comfort and soothe the baby by your voice and deliver any message without walking up to their room, making the device more useful. Additionally, to ensure a healthy sleep for your baby without any disturbance, the nursery camera radio button also plays lullabies for your baby.

Moreover, the serene life manufactured product has a long-lasting 24-hour battery life, making it worth more than it’s low price.


  • Sleep screen mode, saving battery life.
  • Allows you to set alarms at different time intervals.


  • Might cover a low range for people who have to stay away from home most of the time.

7. Axvue E662 Baby Monitor

Comfort-Designed Handheld

  • 2 Cameras
  • 1000ft Range
  • Auto Night Vision Cam
  • Temperature Alert
  • Two-way talk
  •  2.8-inch LCD
  • CMOS image Senser
  • 2x zoom in/out

 If you are occupied with your work most of the time, and have a hectic routine, with little to no time to walk up to your baby’s room and provide him a healthy environment and check up on him, then don’t worry because the AXVUE manufactured baby monitors are there to help you look after your baby at all times.

 The digital 2.4 GHz technology also supports an elevated rate of data rate transmission, which allows you to have a crystal-clear vision and sound incoming from the baby’s room, which will make you feel as if you are present right in the baby’s room. The baby’s room’s incoming video will be of high resolution, without any loss of essential data like video compression.

 The monitor with the camera comes in a size of 2.8 inches, which can be carried easily wherever you go. Whether you are working in the kitchen or doing your office work, the pocket-size monitor will always keep you updated about your baby’s movement.

 The AXVUE baby monitor can cover up to 1000 feet in range, which allows you to carry the LCD with you to your office, nearby market, or jogging track, which lies in a range of 1000 feet. Moreover, if you own a mansion or colossal house, the AXVUE baby monitor will suit you perfectly.

 Plus, the device also has a two-way talking feature. This quality helps you to talk to your baby anytime you want from a 1000 feet range. If you’re going to communicate anything with your baby or want to tell him to stop doing a particular thing, you can use the mic option on your monitor to reprimand him.

 The device has clear day visuals and enhances the night time video with its auto night vision cam. The product automatically shifts to night mode when the lights turn low and give out a night light to create a healthy environment. Adding to it, the built-in temperature sensor always updates you about the varying temperature, so you know when to change it to make the atmosphere fit.

So, if you are looking for a baby monitor that has sufficient sustaining features that too on a low budget, choosing AXVUE is definitely what you should go for.


  • Two-way talk feature.
  • Covers up to 1000 feet.


  • Screen might be small for some users.

Baby Monitors Buying Guide 2020

Now that you know why you need to buy a baby monitor, here’s what you should base your choice on:

 1. Audio interference

Since baby monitors have the facility to transmit sounds as well, too much sound interference can lead to the irrelevant sound being sent to you, alerting you unnecessarily most of the time. Insignificant sounds produced by your air conditioner, neighbors talking, and sometimes the buzzing audio produced by the monitor itself can be quite disturbing, intruding your sleep at times as well. 

That’s is why you should go for a digital audio baby monitor, which uses digitally enhanced cordless technology, mainly knows as DECT, to minimize any outside sound interference. 

 2. Range

Before buying your preferred baby monitor, don’t forget to check out the range of the device. If your house is considerably big and the distance between your room and your baby’s room is substantial, then going for a higher range offering baby monitor is a choice well made. This will help you keep an eye on your baby from a considerably extensive range without any interruptions or signal issues. 

 3. Two-way audio feature

For days when you are too worn out after an exhausting day spent in chores and times when you cannot summon the energy to walk up to your baby’s room and sing him or her a lullaby to put them to sleep, this is when the two-way audio feature works magic for you. Some baby monitors not only do the listening part but also have options to play a soothing tone or lullaby to make your baby stop crying or put him or her back to sleep. You can play any appeasing sound by just a single tap of your finger.

 4. Talkback feature

This feature is a plus when your baby is stubborn and only wants you to put him to sleep. For those times, a talkback feature allows you to speak via the mic and transmit it to your baby through speakers. So, if your baby is a cranky one, you should consider buying a baby monitor with these accessory features. 

 5. Battery expectancy

Most mothers out there prefer to buy wireless baby monitors to avoid any wiring and cords, which can be messy and dangerous most of the time if you have a crawling, mischievous toddler. But when opting for battery-operated monitors, you should always lookout for a device that has longer battery life. Recharging your battery, again and again, can get hectic, and in such cases, the batteries deplete away faster, resulting in an expensive purchase for new batteries every then and now. 

Therefore, make sure you go for an efficient battery-operated baby monitor, which gives a noticeable indication when the battery is low. 

 6. Receiver/monitor

Before buying a baby monitor of your choice, do not forget to consider the fact that either you’ll have to carry the monitor with you while you are doing the laundry or cooking, or you’ll fix it in one place in particular. 

If you want to carry the receiver with you most of the time, then go for a compact-sized receiver that can easily be carried around. However, if you want it to be fastened somewhere on a wall or mantelpiece, then go for a larger monitor so that you can have a clear vision from an unusually large distance. 

7. Audio/ video monitors

Before buying any monitor:

  • Consider whether you only want to be alerted when your baby’s crying.
  • Do you also want to keep track of his or her movements?
  • If your baby is a crawling mischief-maker, do you want to look at what your baby is actually up to?

Suppose you want to have a visual representation of your baby’s every single move. In that case, you should opt for a video monitor that comes with additional features like zooming in and tilting the camera to a certain level of degrees, allowing you to look at every corner of the room. However, if you think this isn’t your necessity and your baby is too little to crawl and is confined to the crib, going with an audio-only monitor is a better choice for the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are useful in a baby monitor?

The following are some of the key features that every baby monitor should have:
1: The baby monitor should have night vision technology for both audio and video monitors. So, you can see your baby in the dark too.
2: The baby monitor must have a sound activation feature, so whenever the baby cries, you can hear their voice. 
3: You should choose a baby monitor that has the option of plugging in or recharging. So, you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries.

What type of baby monitor has the most extended range?

Generally, a baby monitor has a range of 500-1000 ft. But the Wi-Fi baby monitor has the most extended range out of all the other baby monitors available in the market. You can excess your baby monitor anywhere as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Even if you are sitting miles away from your home, you can watch the live video of your baby as long as you have a steady relationship. So, buying a Wi-Fi baby monitor is a great option.

Are the Radio waves of the baby monitor harmful for the baby?

The answer to that is no. Many articles are available on the Internet, claiming that Radio waves emitted from the baby monitor are harmful to the baby. But that is entirely untrue as nothing has been proved yet. The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently studying the Radiations of cell phones, but there has been no evidence found. But to be on the safer side, search for baby monitors that use technology similar to what is used in hospitals. You can also limit the use of the baby monitor if you are worried about the Radiations.

Is it possible to hack a baby monitor?

Yes, someone can hack your baby monitor. Both Wi-Fi and Non-Wi-Fi monitors can be hacked. But you can take some steps to avoid this issue. For instance, you can make your Wi-Fi connection secured if you have a Wi-Fi baby monitor. Another thing which you can do is to buy a baby monitor that can’t be hacked. Many baby monitors available on Amazon have a great security system and can’t be easily hacked into. You can choose any option from our list when buying.

How many baby monitors do you need for twins?

People usually get everything double when they are having twins. But that doesn’t mean they have to buy two baby monitors as well. Using a single baby monitor for twins is enough. But if your twins are not in the same room, you will need to buy two. So, it depends on you, if you intend for your twins to share the place then you will need one, but if they are not sharing the same room, you’ll have to buy two.

Can you put a baby monitor close to the crib?

No, the baby monitor should not be placed anywhere near a crib. The distance between the baby monitor and the crib should be at least 3 to 4 ft. This is because the electromagnetic frequencies can harm the brain of the babies. So, the best place to put the baby monitor is on the wall near the crib. 

At what age can you stop using a baby monitor?

It depends on you. But generally, most people stop using Baby monitors when their babies get 6 to 8 months old. As at 6 to 8 months, babies are old enough to sleep through the night.

So, if you are a multitasking mother who needs to balance chores or work from a home job while taking care of a newborn, become a smart mom and invest in a baby monitor for your peace of mind.

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