How to Manage Baby Care and Work-Life | Tips For Working Mothers

Childbirth and upbringing are no easy feats. Having a child is a life-changing event, to say the least. And being a mother is the most difficult job out there. You have to take care of your little child’s necessities and invest in their growth and education so they may turn up good and cultured human adults.

Baby care is especially harder if you’re a working mother. You will have to juggle your work and the baby’s needs at the same time, not to mention your mental and physical exhaustion. Your hormones are still fluctuating and your body is tired by the end of your maternity leave.

Bundle of thanks to modern technologies that take care of your little angels every time. For better management of both aspects of your life, here are a few tips that will seem like a lifesaver:

1. Setting up a family calendar and planner

At times, this life will get way too hectic and you’ll start to forget things amidst the chaos of everything going on. At those times, and generally, too, you’ll come to thank the calendar and planner you set up. The main point of the calendar should be its shareable ability. You can set up a cloud planner easily accessible to all your devices along with the people in the frame of taking care of the baby. Or a physical planner in your kitchen that highlights everything.

Note all the important stuff in the planner; who is picking up the baby on which days, timings of the day-care center, and the doctor’s appointments. Along with that, plan family events that may help you release your stress and bring your family together.

2. Trustable Child Care

The next and most important step of all is getting a good child care plan. It should be trustable above all. You can look for a good and reputable day-care center in your community that you can trust to take care of your little one while you are away. If not that, you can hire a nanny. A nanny can take care of your child while staying at your home. Don’t hesitate to ask questions before hiring your nanny and make sure that you’re comfortable with her/him to take care of your children.

If you don’t want to seek outside counsel and help to take care of your child and have strong family relations, you can ask your family to take care of your little one. Most of the time, in such situations, family members often volunteer to look after the child. It can be your parents or your partner’s parents. Or some cousin or sister. If the person is financially struggling, don’t hesitate to compensate them. They may be doing this out of love but it’s your responsibility to reward them in some way. Well, that’s the reason you’re juggling your job and baby care in the first place.


Whatever services and people you find best for your child, you should always have a backup plan which might come in handy; a backup babysitter or nanny or a trustable friend or relative. It never hurts to have a backup but it helps you a great deal in case of emergencies.

3. Share responsibilities:

The only way to get this right is by sharing responsibilities with your partner. And making detailed plans. You should communicate with each other about responsibilities, like who will pick the baby. And if there’s a change in plans, inform the other beforehand. You should also have a sick-day plan. Which doctor to visit and who will take the baby to the doctor. Similarly, with the injections they get, you can set up time accordingly.

But remember, sometimes things don’t go according to the plans. And that’s alright too. It’s a part of life and not everything can be planned. Just be ready and you can take on everything.

4. Take care of yourself

Last but not least, take care of yourself; your mental and physical wellbeing. Do not forget to have healthy and nutritious meals, and don’t overwork yourself. Take your breakfast and dinner on time. As for your mental health, operate a strong community of friends and allies that you can relay back in the needs of the time. If you’re not comfortable with bugging your single friends and want to interact and talk with someone who understands what you’re going through, you can join support groups that meet every week. It can be ranting or stress releasing activity for you.

Remember, your family and especially your baby depends on you. You have to be strong, not to put pressure or anything. Life has ups and downs, and so would you. It’s not permanent. In the end, it is important to remember that this time is fleeting. It’ll pass sooner than you realize, and the baby will grow up. You may even end up missing this time.

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